Tips for keyword research

Keyword Research


Researching for the right keywords for your business is highly important as they can affect your online presence. Also instead of worrying about the technicality of the keywords, it’s always to start off by thinking like a customer that is looking for a particular product or service. So, for instance, what keywords would you use yourself if you were to buy shoes? You can then brainstorm the words that you came up with. It’s also important to do your keyword search online. There are other tools on the website that can help you find the most effective and popular keywords to use in your niche.

Low competition keywords

It’s also useful to look at keywords that aren’t popular or used by your competitors. Once you have the keyword, you will need to research every little detail as you may find that some of the words can be used as a long tail keyword. A long tail keyword means using 3 or more words as suppose to using a generic keyword that contains one or two.

Research statistics to find an effective keyword

If you want to find the right keyword to attract more traffic to your website, you must thoroughly perform a statistical research data on related keywords. Through your research, you might find that other keywords can boost your online presence.

Look at what your competitors are using

One of the most useful tips is looking at what your other competitors are using. It’s best to keep an eye on the competitors that have a good online presence. You can use some similar keywords that your competitors used to help you increase your rank in the search engines. If you use some of the keywords from your competitors, then your website is most likely get placed right on the same page as them. This is perfect for your business as customers can compare you with the other businesses.

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