How To Research Your Competitors’ Keywords

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Identifying your competitors is an absolutely vital element to any initial business strategy. The danger of being caught up in your own bubble when starting a new business is that you could find yourself making mistakes that your competitors made before you. Not only are these avoidable errors that you could have dodged with some research and planning, but they will put you in a position where you’re fighting to catch up with those who have gone before you. Identifying who your competitors are will be the first step to overcoming this common obstacle. If you are not familiar with this process you can always contact with SEO company, they will definitely help you.

So assuming you have completed a detailed competitor analysis and found some similar sized businesses within your niche, and you are aware that you will be competing directly with those companies for the same enquiries online, where do you start? If you can identify where you think they’re going wrong, and offer something that they lack, it makes sense that their potential customers will flock to you instead. All this hinges on them actually being able to find you when they’re looking for that product or service, or even when they’re looking specifically for a competitor.

You need to apply this same logic to search engines, first of all, if you want to design your SEO strategy to take down the competition. Looking at what your competitors are doing is the first step. By examining the wording they use in the titles of their webpages, text they use to link to other pages, and any repeated phrases you notice throughout their content, you should be able to get some idea of what keywords they have chosen to focus on. Think about these carefully from a customer’s point of view – is that what you would be looking for? When you search for that term, are related businesses appearing? Is your competitor among the first results?

Equally, the point here is to look for what your competitors are not doing. Going back to the point we made earlier, if your customers are looking for something different and unique, search engines may be too. You have to identify what’s missing and fill that gap.

An important element of this is finding keywords that people are actually searching for, of course, and you can use particular tools to do this such as Google Keyword planner. Estimates of traffic are generally vague, but you need to at least be sure that some people are looking for your keyword in order for it to be valuable. Therefore, like many things, taking inspiration from your competitors’ keywords while being original and identifying gaps in the market is very much a balancing act.

It is worth noting that related businesses in your niche may be extremely valuable sources of information, even if you are not in the same area as them or you are not in direct competition for the same clients for any other reason. Try broadening your search beyond your local area to identify nationally competitive businesses. These may be beyond what you can compete with, but the chances are you will be identify some valuable aspect of their SEO campaigns and try to take inspiration from them the same way you would with your direct competitors.

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