How Professionals Can Help You With Google AdWords


Google AdWords can be a tricky thing to pick up if you’re new to pay-per-click advertising. The interface is not that intuitive, and Google’s official help guides can be a little vague at best. However, paid advertising on Google and its affiliated partners can be a vital step towards establishing a strong brand and getting more traffic to your website.

So what is the solution for managers and marketers who are short on time and don’t want to get too deep into the specifics of managing Google AdWords campaigns, but still want to get great results?

Sometimes, the best solution is to hire staff and delegate the responsibility to them. Having someone in-house can sometimes make for the most streamlined process. You just have to hire the right person, ideally with plenty of experience managing campaigns for similar companies. AdWords will not come naturally to everyone, so be selective when you’re hiring for someone to take on this role.

A popular alternative is to outsource the management of your AdWords campaigns to external agencies. These people may be marketing professionals who also do social media marketing, search engine optimisation and other online services for other clients, or your own business too. They might be specialists in paid advertising only.

In any case, professionals with some experience of AdWords will usually be much better at handling all the following aspects of a PPC campaign:

  • Coming up with an overall campaign strategy
  • Creating suitable copy for your adverts that is persuasive and effective
  • Selecting keywords that will bring in relevant clicks
  • Being compliant with Google’s rules
  • Managing budgets and spending over time
  • Using display or video advertising when appropriate
  • Analysing and optimising for better performance
  • Reporting in detail on the most important data
  • Drawing conclusions about wider changes that could be made

Regardless of what option you take, having someone dedicated to managing your campaigns over a period of time is usually the best solution. If you try to take it on as a side project when you’re already busy with other things, it is unlikely that you will get the best return on your advertising spend. To make sure the investment is worthwhile, we recommend considering all your options.